Becoming Intentional

As I’ve mentioned, I recently began reading personal finance books (borrowed from the library, of course). I started with two Dave Ramsey books, (Financial Peace Revisited and The Money Answer Book), and my biggest takeaway was the importance of being intentional with money. It’s clear to me that not fully applying this principle contributed greatly to our current financial state. I say “fully”, because I was very intentional, or at least aware, in some ways, like calculating our (growing) monthly debt totals. But in many more crucial ways, I completely missed the “intentional” boat. No budget? Check! No debt repayment plan? Check! No specific financial goals? Check! It’s no wonder we’ve been just spinning our wheels.

I’m currently reading Crystal Paine’s book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. I had read a bit about the book on her terrific blog, Money Saving Mom, but wasn’t motivated to read it because I wasn’t sure how much of it applied to me. Yes, I’m a wife, mother, have a part-time “real” job, a small business, and several small “side hustles” going at any given time. But I wasn’t feeling too overwhelmed by commitments. However, because I enjoy Crystal’s blog so much, I thought I would give her book a try. WOW! It really hit home from almost the first page that I need to become more intentional throughout my life. While I’m not sure I’m ready to take on all of the lists  she recommends, (she also emphasizes starting small!), the idea of having overarching personal goals, which are distilled down into monthly and weekly goals, really appeals to me. I’m certain that I’ll benefit from this approach in many areas of my life. Specifically, in addition to budgeting and debt repayment, I’m working on goals for meal-planning, (something I’ve done in the past and loved, but have fallen off the wagon), housework, and scheduling time working at home and with my daughter. It’s so incredibly fortuitous that I’ve come upon this book as I’m heading into my four-month summer break. I’ll have the time and breathing room to start small and really put into practice these new habits. Once I’ve put my goals down on paper, I’ll be sure to share them here.

What about you? Have you read Say Goodbye to Survival Mode? Did it impact you in the same way? What are the most important lessons you’ve learned from it?


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