Last Week’s Frugal Living Highs

I really like the idea of publicly sharing weekly frugal accomplishments, which I first saw on The Prudent Homemaker Blog. This concept appeals to me because I think it’s motivational to celebrate small wins, and because it can be a great way to share ideas. With that in mind, here’s the first of what I intend to become a weekly list:

  1. Ate Easter meal leftovers for dinner three nights. (Thanks to my husband’s family for hosting AND sharing the leftovers with us!)
  2. Negotiated a lower rate from our trash/recycling company, which will save us $96 per year!
  3. Inquired about advertising options with WordPress, to – hopefully! – increase my income.
  4. Sold items in two local consignment sales, and netted $133.
  5. Cashed in some eRewards survey points for a free Money magazine subscription.
  6. Emptied my composter and added the contents to one of my veggie boxes. Planted sugar snap peas, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.
  7. Read Say Goodbye to Survival Mode (borrowed from the library), by Crystal Paine from I shared some initial thoughts before I finished it here.
  8. Paid cash for my weekly groceries for the first time ever!

What about you?


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