May 1 Debt Totals

I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, and provided a breakdown of our current debt totals here. Since only about two weeks have passed since that initial post, there hasn’t been much movement. However, this will be a monthly update, just like the one I’ve been doing for myself for two years – only a lot more public!

Chase Card #1: $20,905.27

Chase Card #2: $5,862.84

Chase Card #3 (Chase must REALLY love us!): $7,233.30

Discover Card: $11,659.32

Citibank Card: $8,186.68

Total Credit Card Debt: $53,956.71

What about you? How’s your debt repayment going? Already debt-free? What tips do you have to share?


4 thoughts on “May 1 Debt Totals

  1. Patricia says:

    Your debt totals went up by almost $1400.00 from the last time you posted. What happened? Is your business causing you to spend instead of pay down the debt? I want you to be able to get these debts lower. Maybe you can apply the money from selling things to bring these down. Can your husband get more work? Can you rework your budget to apply more to these debts? Many prayers to you and your family.

    • That’s correct, Patricia. As I noted at the beginning of the post, only about two weeks had passed since I last shared totals. In that time, interest was accrued on several cards, unfortunately. Yes, the plan is to appropriate funds earned selling things to paying down our debt, but we’re just getting into the swing of our plan. Thank you for your support.

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