Quick Question: Negotiating Credit Card Interest Rates

This afternoon I called Chase and asked them to lower my interest rate. (I have three Chase credit card accounts, each with a different interest rate – 9.9%, 11.9%, and 14.9%.) I was told that they don’t honor requests for interest rate changes, and instead they evaluate each account every six months and make whatever adjustments they see fit. Does anyone else have experience dealing with Chase – or other credit card companies – on this? Should I call back and ask again? Ask to speak to a manager? Or is it hopeless?


2 thoughts on “Quick Question: Negotiating Credit Card Interest Rates

  1. We had a similar response from Chase. They said they do not negotiate on rates. I ended up transferring my balance to a new zero interest card while I paid it off. I would suggest the threat to move, but it doesn’t always work with card companies. They are getting bolder. I would also check to see if your credit score has changed and if in turn your rate has dropped. If it has and they have not dropped your rate, then ask them to explain why they have not. You are less of a risk to them now.

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