Last Week’s Frugal Highs

Happy Monday! (It’s so much easier for me to say that when it’s spring!)

  1. Used a $16 Staples Rewards credit to purchase a new black ink cartridge for my printer. With tax, my out-of-pocket cost was under $3. (Almost all of my printer ink is used printing coupons.)
  2. Earned a $2 Staples credit for recycling an empty ink cartridge.
  3. Read The Money-Saving Mom’s Budget by Crystal Paine from, and Money Rules: The Simple Path to Lifelong Security by Jean Chatzky (from the library).
  4. Renewed our membership in our heating/AC company’s preferred customer club. This cost $199 (paid via check!), and means our twice annual system servicings are free ($123 each, otherwise), and we receive a discount of up to 50% on any necessary services throughout the year.
  5. This is another one that required an outlay of funds (via check!), but I purchased a variety of gently-used clothes for my daughter, from a neighbor. Her daughter is about 18 months older than mine, and before she takes her outgrown clothes to the consignment store, she lets me go through them and purchase items at garage-sale prices. For $98, I got four nightgowns, four skirts, three pair of leggings, three pair of shoes, two pair of pajamas, four dresses, three shirts, and a bathing suit. I’ve been doing this for several years, and most seasons I don’t have to buy any clothes for my daughter. (My mother also loves to buy new clothes for her, which helps!)
  6. Requested and received an extension of my current Sunday newspaper subscription rate. The cover price for a Sunday paper is $2, and my ten-week subscription rate  was $20. However, I received a statement with a new ten-week rate of $45 (?!?). Thankfully, my $20 rate was reinstated.

How was your week? What were some of your frugal highs?


7 thoughts on “Last Week’s Frugal Highs

  1. Patricia says:

    1. On Saturday we had a frugal date, at the local garden center we received two free packages of seeds and a grilled chili hotdog and lemonade. I bought a fig tree for my mother’s birthday. 2. I had some old books that I gave my husband for trade to exchange for a new CD. He likes his music in this format. No money spent at this store. 3. Picked mixed greens, snow peas, green onions, lettuce for salads, parsley from the garden. 4. Made homemade bread in my $3.00 bread machine. 5. Stocked up on canned beans for .28, large canned corn and beans for .48, dill pickles for .99, and Paul Newman’s cereal 1.00 a box , tomatoes .69 a pound, fruit bars 1.00 a box, and cookie dough smoothie mix 1.00. 6. Did all the house cleaning and yard mowing. 7. Colored my hair and cut my husbands hair. 8. The mower was sputtering and I replaced the filter. 9. Clipped the cat’s nails instead of taking her to the vet. 10. Learned to use Skype to talk to my daughter. 11. Ate all meals at home, not counting the free hotdog. 12. My husband exercises at home with weights and an exercise bike and does not use a gym and we walk in our neighborhood. 13. I bought a large mixing bowl and large jar at a yard sale for 1.25. 14. Used home made detergent to wash our clothing. 15. Picked peonies and roses from my yard for several flower bouquets for the house. 16. Cooked a turkey that I bought for .49 a pound for Sunday dinner. I have another one in the freezer. 17. Mended clothes. 18. Made homemade apple bars from apples i canned last year.

  2. Well done on your frugal highs! Great saving in the clothing department re your daughter. My frugal high was acquiring an old wardrobe from my parents that they were going to break down and throw away. I’m going to refurbish it and sell it!

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