June 1 Debt Totals

Here are my June 1 debt totals – the good (Chase #2 and Citibank), the bad (Chase #1 and Discover), and the ugly (the total):

Chase Card #1: $21,074.10 ($168.83)

Chase Card #2: $4,549.06 (-$1,313.78)

Chase Card #3: $8,244.38 ($1,011.08)

Discover Card: $12,518.20 ($858.88)

Citibank Card: $7,969.72 (-$216.96)

Total Credit Card Debt: $54,355.66

Change: $508.05

A few thoughts on the numbers… I may have gotten a little over-zealous about paying down Chase card #2. I’m very happy to have paid down our highest-rate card  by $1,300, but some of the money used to do so, could’ve been used in other ways. We had several large-ish expenses in May, and we used cards to pay for all of them. (Both cars needed to be serviced, our daughter desperately needed a mattress, and our cat with health problems had a flare-up and required veterinary care.) We did pretty well using cash for the first 2 1/2 weeks of the month, but obviously fell off the wagon later in the month. I’m happy to be starting with a clean slate this month!

What about you? How’s your debt repayment going? Already debt-free? What tips do you have to share?


One thought on “June 1 Debt Totals

  1. Patricia says:

    The two of you are improving. The increase of total debt was smaller than last month but it is still growing. With your cat’s ailing health maybe you could shop around for another vet. We had a vet who would just charge us for medicine without us going in for an office call toward the end of our cat’s life The same things seem to reoccur and they would slupply a refill or a different med. Check the local animal adoption centers for information. Families who raise animals for training for people with disabilities are another great source of information on frugal vet care. Ask frugal friends for good mechanics at good prices. Don’t let mechanics sell you services (fluids etc) that are not at the recommended time in the service manual that came with the auto. We buy our batteries, wiper blades, brake and head lights at Walmart, or the local auto store like Auto Zone. They install for free and the workers there are great for other information about your auto. If your daughter is in need of something in the future (they are always growing!) maybe you could request that family members pool their money for a gift at her birthday or Christmas. Some families gift only three gifts at Christmas because baby Jesus received three gifts. Other families like to buy three or four items; something fun, something to read, and something useful.

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