Last Week’s Frugal Highs

Happy Monday! Sadly, this is a brief list of frugal highs. We had weekend visitors, and I spent a good bit of the week preparing for their arrival.

  1. Used a gas credit from our grocery store (I had accumulated $0.32 off per gallon) when filling up the near-empty car tank, plus the gas cans for our lawn mower and weed whacker. It feels great to maximize those credits!
  2. Received another payment from Amazon for purchases from my store.
  3. Started reading Financially Fearless, but haven’t made much progress, yet.
  4. Put my YMCA membership on-hold for six months, since I can run outside now. This will save $47 per month.
  5. While at the Y, I changed the credit card on-file for my daughter’s Y membership from the one with the highest rate, to one with a lower rate.

What about you? How was your week?


2 thoughts on “Last Week’s Frugal Highs

  1. That’s great that you suspended your Y membership! As far as your daughter’s Y membership, does it need to be on a credit card? If it does, it might mean that you can’t afford it. Not being able to afford something doesn’t make you a failure – you are just getting real about your finances.

    I think it’s amazing what you are doing here – but I want you to get out of debt! and putting more things on cc’s might make that really really difficult.

    I’m rooting for you!!!

    • Thanks, Nora, and that’s a great point. I’ll look into whether I can set up a direct withdrawal from my account. My daughter has been in preschool at the Y for the last three years, and needed a membership to go to school. I’ll probably let her membership lapse after this summer.

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